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Book reviews needs more motion

It’s been a long while since my last book review.. this is not because of a shortage of books, rather a shortage of time to review. While the books keep piling in, I’m still getting through books, slowly. But apparently, I need to get back to the reviewing!

Please help encourage me to complete more reviews, as I know it is helpful to those who want to purchase books. It certainly helps to know if the book is worth the money you pay, right?

My reviews are a brief summary and filled with morals or things the book brings up in my head. It’s very much a process when I read as I sometimes find myself daydreaming about the “what ifs” in my own life. Stories are a great way for me to find resilience, to temporarily step out of my own life for a few moments. I love how it brings me more peace.

Everyone finds balance in their own way, this is just mine. Please tune in for future book reviews as I just received three more children’s books yesterday! I need to get on top of these reviews because the books keep coming!

What do you do to get more reading squeezed into your day?

With five books currently on the list to get read, I’m finding myself in need of more time in a day to read! How do working people actually have time to read? Is this why I take so long to read books?

My coworker mentioned she can speed read. Maybe I need to take some speed reading lessons so I can accomplish more reading! If I recall, there’s an app for that! I believe I had an app at one point where the user can practice speed reading. It was like training your eyes to read quicker. I should look for it and start practicing!

In the meantime, I read during my lunch hour at work, while I’m eating. I also try to read at least an hour at night before bed. Last night we had company until pretty late so I was lucky to read for a half hour. Hopefully, I can get more reading in tonight to make up for it!

What do you do to get more reading squeezed into your day?