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Book reviews needs more motion

It’s been a long while since my last book review.. this is not because of a shortage of books, rather a shortage of time to review. While the books keep piling in, I’m still getting through books, slowly. But apparently, I need to get back to the reviewing!

Please help encourage me to complete more reviews, as I know it is helpful to those who want to purchase books. It certainly helps to know if the book is worth the money you pay, right?

My reviews are a brief summary and filled with morals or things the book brings up in my head. It’s very much a process when I read as I sometimes find myself daydreaming about the “what ifs” in my own life. Stories are a great way for me to find resilience, to temporarily step out of my own life for a few moments. I love how it brings me more peace.

Everyone finds balance in their own way, this is just mine. Please tune in for future book reviews as I just received three more children’s books yesterday! I need to get on top of these reviews because the books keep coming!

NetGalley Challenge 2015

I am letting publishers and writers know that I am serious. Serious about helping books succeed.

I am a book advocate!

This is a badge for the NetGalley Challenge 2015.

Challenge Participant

No seriously, I am an advocate 🙂 I love books, I love reading. I can only hope my son will have a love for books like I do.

Unfortunately, I have this thing called “work” that I must go to and it limits my time to do the reading I love. So, I use books and reading as a time to reflect, a time to get away from this craziness people call “life”, a time to just relax.

If you are also a book advocate with NetGalley, please share your experiences as well! Let’s share this love of books!

Reading Rainbow: it’s back on Netflix!

My absolute favorite television show growing up is back!! And new episodes are in the making! How exciting is THAT?


According to www.readingrainbow.com, viewers will be able to watch Reading Rainbow Volume 1 on Netflix starting August 1, 2015. In addition, Skybrary will consist of exciting books and video field trips all geared towards encouraging children to read. 

I showed a couple videos about the show and the new app to my son and he’s excited. The app has a free 14-day trial period, then users can choose 1-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription, with respective rates starting at $9.99.

Growing up loving LeVar Burton and this program, I want my son to enjoy it, too. I have a feeling I’m setting myself up for disaster, but we need to test it out before I get ahead of myself.  We will be testing out this 14-day trial and let you know what we think. 

Why don’t you go ahead and try it a all out, too, then we can chat about it in a week or so!