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It’s been a long while since my last book review.. this is not because of a shortage of books, rather a shortage of time to review. While the books keep piling in, I’m still getting through books, slowly. But apparently, I need to get back to the reviewing!

Please help encourage me to complete more reviews, as I know it is helpful to those who want to purchase books. It certainly helps to know if the book is worth the money you pay, right?

My reviews are a brief summary and filled with morals or things the book brings up in my head. It’s very much a process when I read as I sometimes find myself daydreaming about the “what ifs” in my own life. Stories are a great way for me to find resilience, to temporarily step out of my own life for a few moments. I love how it brings me more peace.

Everyone finds balance in their own way, this is just mine. Please tune in for future book reviews as I just received three more children’s books yesterday! I need to get on top of these reviews because the books keep coming!

Christmas Confessions & Cocktails: fun, festive, & fantastic!

Reflecting on Christmas past isn’t always easy. We have moments we think are normal then moments we would rather forget ever happened. There are those quirky things our family does that drive us crazy and then those things we wish would last forever. Add some cocktails to the mix and it’s loaded with more excitement and interesting chatter, right?

Well, I have found this book full of short stories of Christmas past along with fun little cocktails, mainly a recipe for one! It is so well written, I feel like I’m right there, taking up space in Vicki Lasage’s super tiny apartment in France where the Christmas tree gets knocked over every time you turn! And I can understand the family quirks as my own family has our own.

Personally, I can’t see myself ever sharing about family quirks or life during the Christmas season. It actually sounds boring to me, but in Christmas Confessions & Cocktails, even the mundane seems exilerating! You know a writer is amazing when what may be boring suddenly becomes a sitcom.

Add in some cocktails to enjoy during the read is so much fun! If I was able to actually enjoy a recipe or two while reading, we’d have a much more entertaining review, I’m sure! 

I am thankful for the chuckles I had while reading this book by Vicki Lasage. Wow, and to think there’s more where this came from! Awesome!

Christmas Confessions & Cocktails was provided complimentary from Reading Deals for an honest review.

Christmas time is here!

There are so many books out there that have the cheerful, loving Christmas spirit, it’s overwhelming! How many of these can you read in one season?! 

Personally, I could read it all year round! Unfortunately, in my life this rarely ever happens! You know how we often Have bigger eyes than our tummy can consume when we grab food at a buffet? Yes, my eyes are bigger than I can consume in reading!

I’ve read many books this year and haven’t had a chance to review them all! I really wish I could just sit down to write book reviews every day for the rest of the year just to catch up! I maybe have enough read to write one a day the rest of 2016! Aaahhhh! That’s too many! I hope I don’t forget what I read before I get to review these amazing books!

What are you trying to accomplish the rest of this year? There’s 20 days left!!

Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?

Absolutely!! A princess can be whatever she wants to be! There are so many options out there and you may even want to be two or three! 

Don’t let anybody limit your dreams.” -Carole P. Roman, Can a Princess Be a Firefighter, p.30.

What an amazing book for youngsters. This book seems to feature two little girls who may be sisters. As they play dress up, these girls ask what could they be and do they have to give up being a princess?

Indeed this is a great question asked of many children out there as they grow up. What can they be when they grow up? Can they still be their parents little princess?

Can a Princess Be a Firefighter is another amazing children’s book by Carole P. Roman. Colorful illustrations by Mateya Arkova bring the words to life. What a great combination of words and images to engage young readers.

A copy of this book was provided for an honest review. A fantastic story for young readers to guide them to go after their dreams and not let anyone stop them. The same goes for you and me!

The Glass Gauntlet is brilliant and engaging

From the moment Ronan Truelove and his friends, Greta and Sammy, decide to take on this Glass Gauntlet school, the three were surrounded by trials, challenges, and enemies they were not expecting. Given the recent past, as described in Blood Guard, Ronan isn’t quite sure who or what to trust any more. These three have become dependent on each other and have learned to work together as a team in the pages full of brilliant creativity and edge of your seat engagement.

Life was already not as normal as Ronan had once thought. The Bend Sinister, led by his own father, was on the hunt for Ronan and the Blood Guard gullibly took the Bend Sinister bait far away from Ronan’s location. Ronan’s mother had prepared Ronan for anything without him even knowing it. Every moment was another trick to break Ronan and his friends down. Ronan and his friends are awarded pieces of the Glass Gauntlet after each challenge and try to put it together. There seems to be something missing and it turns out Ronan had it the whole time! What is this Glass Gauntlet and what happens when it is used?

“Greta,” I whispered. “I tried to save her and he was watching and . . . He knows. I’m sure of it.” -Ronan Truelove, Glass Gauntlet, Chapter 24.

Once I opened this book, I had a very hard time putting it down. As a sequel to Blood Guard, The Glass Gauntlet is more adventurous and creatively written. There are so many obstacles that Ronan is faced with and his use of the items in his reach as well as the skills he’s been taught through the years. His mother, a Blood Guard, had him trained well considering her options of not sharing the fact of who she is be revealed.

This is a fantastic book for middle-school aged children. Roy Carter has done very well at painting the pictures of his settings and describing characters. You know it’s a great book when you aren’t sure if there’s a “happily ever after”! Page turn to page turn, the words jump off the page and create images that are so vivid that you feel like you’re right there with Ronan and his friends. 

Given an opportunity read another book by Roy Carter, I would surely take it! There is a Book 3 to this series, Blazing Bridge, that I am eager to read. His writing is brilliant and the pictures he paints and smells I can breathe are so realistic. This book was provided complimentary by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Dino Riders: How to Tame a Triceratops to win the Founders’ Day race

Dino Rider, Josh Sanders, wants to race in the Founders Day race, but Mr. Geary, the deputy mayor, says Josh’s old gallimimus named Plodder isn’t quite race material. Determined to win this race, Josh goes behind his parents back and purchases an out of control triceratops named Charge with the few iguanadons his family was trading to help control their herd. It was the mayor’s son and Josh’s nemesis, Amos, who sent a man with that disobedient triceratops to conveniently get into the path of Josh to get rid of that creature. Will Josh be able to tame Charge and race him in the Founder’s Day race?

What I originally thought would be a book my son could read himself turned out to be a book he wanted me to read to him. Go figure! The images were difficult to see on my Kindle Paperwhite, but I’m sure it looks much better on a different device. Nevertheless, Dino Riders: How to Tame a Triceratops didn’t stop us from thoroughly enjoying this creative story!

My son, who is 7 years old, insists I read to him at night before bed. I’ve been reading to him every night for years, so this wasn’t any different. This book was a litttle longer than my tired eyes could spend in one night, so we split it into two nights of reading. He was mesmerized by the idea of riding dinosaurs! I mean, what if we could really do that, right? What if dinosaurs could be tamed like our pets and herds of today? 

Then, to race the creatures as if they were racing horses? Wow! That is so exciting! I love reading to my son with vocal expressions, tones, and sound effects of my own. My son enjoys it when it’s especially silly. Dino Riders: How to Tame a Triceratops is an excellently written adventure that had my son engaged and captivated. So was I! 

When I asked my son his favorite part of the book it was the actual Founder’s Day race. Did Josh tame Charge enough to be raced? Will Josh be able to escape from moments of sabotage on behalf of his nemesis, Amos? As my son was at the edge of his seat, so to speak, he wanted to hear more and was so excited as I read about the race. 

Without giving away the ending or too many details, Dino Riders: How to Tame a Triceratops by Will Dare is an amazing and creative work that children in early elementary will love. This ebook was provided in exchange for review through  

It’s Banned Book Week!

We are in the middle of Banned Book Week, which runs through Saturday, October 1! Banned Book Week elebtates ghe freedom to read and brings together the book community. It brings national attention to how censorship is harmful. 

There are many popular books out there that are targeted for removal or restrictions in libraries and schools. You might be surprised at some of these amazing books on the list! I saw books like Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Bridge to Terabithia to name a few! With your help, some books have remained available to the reading community. 

In 2015, books that were frequently challenged included a variety of books due to explicit language, violence, homosexuality, and religious viewpoint. It’s amazing how authors will continue to write with these challenges just to get their thoughts across to others and many persevere!

As readers, it is important to not take an author’s ideas personally as it isn’t a personal attack. As parents, we should be aware of what our children are reading to be sure it is what we want our kids to dive into. As a society we need to appreciate the hard work that goes into writing a book and encourage writers to keep following their passion. 

Instead of bashing an author or theirbwork, be constructive in your criticisms. It is more helpful to say in a review that a book “has language a little more colorful than I prefer” than to say “it’s too explicit.” Be more constructive. 

Personally, I am careful with books that I read. If it seems too emotional, graphic, or violent from the start, I probably won’t continue reading. You know what types of books you enjoy, stuck to those and you won’t be so easily frustrated or angered. Some books are super deep and stir your insides, those books I take in parts. It’s great writing, but it’s also something that I feel a need to soak in before digging into more. 

Enjoy Banned Book Week and be aware that there are books out there that are restricted from bookshelves. Have you read any of books that are on the list? Do you know of any books 

God Made You Just Right: Adorably written and beautifully illustrated

As a matter of fact, God DID make you just right! How fitting of a title to a board book full of rhymes and beautiful illustrations!

Each moment in the life of a toddler is significant and absolutely amazing. God Made You Just Right focuses on many of these activities that toddlers go through. The rhymes are super cute and flows so angelically from page to page, one idea to the next. 

The images portrayed are also not short of spectacular! I love how the story shows these children of both genders and many ethnicities through activities both inside and outside. Most importantly, the focus of how something as simple as their fingers or toes is useful in its own special way!

It’s lovely to see a children’s book guiding toddlers to be themselves and not try to be like everyone else. God made each of us differently, but His creation is perfect so we are all perfect in His eyes. That’s all that should really matter!

I would have loved reading this to my son when he was younger! Now he can read it to me! Even adults enjoy being read to! 

God Made You Just Right by Jill Roman Lord and illustrated by Amy Wummer was provided complimentary for an honest review for Worthy Publishing.

Continuous adventure when with the Blood Guard

They never stayed in one place too long, Ronan’s parents were always on the move. His mother signed him up for all sorts of lessons after school, which he thought was to keep him busy and away from trouble. Why did his mother always keep him so busy?

Parents. We are often enrolling our children in activities from sports to music lessons, martial arts to Boy/Girl Scouts. Our intention is to help our children become more well rounded, more disciplined, and learn lessons along the way about teamwork and perseverance, integrity and confidence. But little did Ronan know…

His mother sent him to all these lessons after school to train him, to prepare him, for the adventure he was about to go on because she was in the Blood Guard. Ronan’s confused. They’re being chased by “bad guys” as his mother put it. The Blood Guard protects people from these “bad guys” his mother states. 

When my mom ran, she blurred. There was a moment her legs were visible; then something shifted, and she was a smear of color streaking across the pavement, halving the distance between us and the police car in a single breath. No regular person moves that fast. (Loc 217, Blood Guard, Roy Carter)

They’re being chased by these “bad guys” dressed as police officers? And Ronan’s mother has a cutlass, a sword? What is going on? This can’t be real! 

This Young Adult adventure is an explosion of action that will get your heart pounding with anticipation! All the lessons and training after school starts to make sense to Ronan as he finds himself in the middle of the Blood Guard and the “bad guys”, who he later learns is called the Bend Sinister. The Bend Sinister is trying to steal the souls of the Pure, the few people in this world who are the purest of people but doesn’t know it. And the Blood Guard are protecting the Pure from the Bend Sinister. 

It’s startling to imagine the possibilities, but what is the true purpose for parents to really send children to extra curricular activities? What are our children being groomed to be ready for in their future? 

Blood Guard was written by Roy Carter, with a sequel titled “Glass Gauntlet”. An exciting adventure for any young adult or older, this was provided complimentary for an honest review on NetGalley. Be prepared to have the sequel ready because it really is that good of a storyline! 

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