Book launch teams

Every now and then, I find opportunities to become a part of a book launch. These are awesome because you get the book free or discounted. You also have a chance to join a community of individuals who are also in the book launch team.

Have you ever read a book and reviewed it on Amazon or Goodreads? It’s the same thing!! 

For a few years now, I’ve been writing book reviews right here on this site. I also post on Amazon and Goodreads. Although I don’t get much traffic as a whole, it encourages me because I love reading. And since I read anyway, why not share about what I loved or felt about the books, right? 

So the book review blog began. I do typically review children’s books and Christian books. But more recently I’ve found myself reading more self-development books and young adult. There are several sites that I get these books and where I post my reviews. Often times I can message the author or publisher nor both, on Twitter and they’ll repost and the views increase. It all depends on the popularity of the author’s social media, though. I’ve gained some subscribers because of that extra effort. 

So, if you could join a book launch team, which genre would you prefer?

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