A cute and fun adventure when Ellie Camps Under the Stars

An adorable addition to the Ellie the Elephant series, Ellie Camps Under the Stars takes the reader to an outdoor adventure of hiking, waterfalls, and camping under the stars. This is very reminiscent of my own camping adventures as a child!

As in any camping trip, Ellie and her friend Pudgy the Penguin sets up their tent. And like many of my own tent building attempts, sometimes the wind flips the tent over or we get tangled in the tent. And that’s just the beginning of the adventure!

Hiking is a common activity when camping. Ellie and Pudgy make a wise choice to take a short hike at first. It is so important to know you can get back safely when you go on a hike for the first time! Staying on the trail is highly encouraged!

When Ellie and Pudgy get back, they enjoy a nice meal and always clean up to keep other creatures away. They play some games and do some reading. I love how there are pages that asks the reader questions. This keeps the child engaged with the story. 

I absolutely love these Ellie the Elephant books! This latest one my son didn’t want to read with me, but I have a feeling he will later. He loves stuffed animals and I encourage him to take photos with one of his animals to share with Ellie. He used to line them up to take a group photo when he was younger. 

This is a book I recommend for any preschool-aged through early readers. It’s cute, fun, and engaging. The adorable Ellie and Pudgy and friends is mesmerizing and their adventures are so realistic. A complimentary paperback copy of Ellie Camps Under the Stars was provided for an honest review. 

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