Seduction of Santa is surprising and spectacular

Quickly caught my attention to begin a story about a female cop and a grocery burglar she lets go, then denies that it was the burglar that she stopped. Turns out she knows this grocery bandit from her volunteering as a bus community bus drivers. And she finds that the market is run by what seems to be a bully and the employees seem to be human trafficked. Can this female cop take on this bully and a case of trafficking on her own?

This story is an easy read and quite engaging. There’s laughter and tears, hope and fear, instant attraction and holiday cheer. It’s wonderful to find a story where the cop has a conscience. She spends her non-duty time volunteering as a bus driver for under privileged children to get them to community events. Unexpectedly, she finds herself pulling up to a rich end of town to pick up a boy who apparently is the son of the bully and his porn actress ex-wife. She has a great heart for the under privileged, whether it’s the low-income families or the neglected seniors, then she found herself concerned for the trafficked as Christmas approached. Paula didn’t feel that anyone should be neglected, mistreated, or underfed on Christmas.

Without giving away the story, I highly recommend this book! It’s definitely in the Christmas spirit and thoroughly enjoyable. Provided complimentary for an honest review, I feel this book is well worth the couple hours (for me at least) to read this work by Emma Calin. And I can honestly tell you that it is well worth your time. The only downfall is that I want to hear what happens next!! There are other “seduction” works to go through and I have a feeling I will be reading those, too!