Mediterranean Love Plan is inspiring and intimate

So many tips on intimacy can be found in the daily lives of those in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, and Israel. There are such great ideology that can be integrated into our hustled lives here in America. The ideas mentioned in Mediterranean Love Plan are spot on and suggest amazing tips and suggestions to creating more intimacy in your marriage. 

Although I have never been to Europe, I know many who have. They return with stories of the relaxing and love-filled atmosphere. It reminds me of scenes in a movie or in books that I read. Mediterranean Love Plan encourages readers to increase intimacy through interactions with one another. Some of these interactions can be planned and sometimes a surprise. A mixture of activities will benefit both husband and wife. It is important, though, for both partners to participate in order to increase intimacy.

When we create activities to do together, it becomes memories made, like when we first began dating our spouses and we did things intentionally to flirt and have fun. It’s what attracted you to each other when you were dating, so why did some of us stop after getting married? 

Personally, I hope to inspire some of the activities in this book, Mediterranean Love Plan by Stephen and Misty Arterburn. The eating healthier, exercise, and spending more time outdoors are at the top of my list before I even started reading the book and now I feel a stronger desire to get to it sooner rather than later! My husband and I recently went to a marriage conference, which was exciting for both of us to learn and grow together. As suggested in Mediterranean Love Plan, it helped us become more attuned with one another in an environment we talked about for weeks! 

There are 7 secretary’s to live-long passion in marriage, according to Mediterranean Love Plan:

  1. The secret of attunement
  2. The secret of playfulness
  3. The secret of savoring food
  4. The secret of enjoying beauty
  5. The secret of creativity
  6. The secret of health and longevity
  7. The secret of blending the sacred and sexual

Although it would be awesome to work on all secrets all at once to create a more passionate marriage, it would likely be easier to work on one thing at a time. Whether it’s to linger your hand on your spouse’s while driving or cooking a festive meal together, the idea is to do one thing this week and focus on that for starters. You know where you are in your relationship, so start there! 

When I first started reading this book, I posted a quote on my social media: 

“There really can’t be too many compliments from husband to wife, or wife to husband, in a marriage.” (Arterburn, p.41) There were several responses and one in particular that caught my eye. A friend said she saw this post and immediately complimented her husband on a text message. I hope that more compliments between spouses are thrown about whether electronically or face-to-face.

I was provided the opportunity to read a copy of Mediterranean Love Plan before it’s publication date of tomorrow, April 4, 2017, and be a part of a launch team. I am truly blessed to have read this amazing book and hope to get copies to couples in all lengths of marriage, from newlyweds to golden anniversaries or longer.