Dino Riders: How to Tame a Triceratops to win the Founders’ Day race

Dino Rider, Josh Sanders, wants to race in the Founders Day race, but Mr. Geary, the deputy mayor, says Josh’s old gallimimus named Plodder isn’t quite race material. Determined to win this race, Josh goes behind his parents back and purchases an out of control triceratops named Charge with the few iguanadons his family was trading to help control their herd. It was the mayor’s son and Josh’s nemesis, Amos, who sent a man with that disobedient triceratops to conveniently get into the path of Josh to get rid of that creature. Will Josh be able to tame Charge and race him in the Founder’s Day race?

What I originally thought would be a book my son could read himself turned out to be a book he wanted me to read to him. Go figure! The images were difficult to see on my Kindle Paperwhite, but I’m sure it looks much better on a different device. Nevertheless, Dino Riders: How to Tame a Triceratops didn’t stop us from thoroughly enjoying this creative story!

My son, who is 7 years old, insists I read to him at night before bed. I’ve been reading to him every night for years, so this wasn’t any different. This book was a litttle longer than my tired eyes could spend in one night, so we split it into two nights of reading. He was mesmerized by the idea of riding dinosaurs! I mean, what if we could really do that, right? What if dinosaurs could be tamed like our pets and herds of today? 

Then, to race the creatures as if they were racing horses? Wow! That is so exciting! I love reading to my son with vocal expressions, tones, and sound effects of my own. My son enjoys it when it’s especially silly. Dino Riders: How to Tame a Triceratops is an excellently written adventure that had my son engaged and captivated. So was I! 

When I asked my son his favorite part of the book it was the actual Founder’s Day race. Did Josh tame Charge enough to be raced? Will Josh be able to escape from moments of sabotage on behalf of his nemesis, Amos? As my son was at the edge of his seat, so to speak, he wanted to hear more and was so excited as I read about the race. 

Without giving away the ending or too many details, Dino Riders: How to Tame a Triceratops by Will Dare is an amazing and creative work that children in early elementary will love. This ebook was provided in exchange for review through NetGalley.com.