It’s Banned Book Week!

We are in the middle of Banned Book Week, which runs through Saturday, October 1! Banned Book Week elebtates ghe freedom to read and brings together the book community. It brings national attention to how censorship is harmful. 

There are many popular books out there that are targeted for removal or restrictions in libraries and schools. You might be surprised at some of these amazing books on the list! I saw books like Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Bridge to Terabithia to name a few! With your help, some books have remained available to the reading community. 

In 2015, books that were frequently challenged included a variety of books due to explicit language, violence, homosexuality, and religious viewpoint. It’s amazing how authors will continue to write with these challenges just to get their thoughts across to others and many persevere!

As readers, it is important to not take an author’s ideas personally as it isn’t a personal attack. As parents, we should be aware of what our children are reading to be sure it is what we want our kids to dive into. As a society we need to appreciate the hard work that goes into writing a book and encourage writers to keep following their passion. 

Instead of bashing an author or theirbwork, be constructive in your criticisms. It is more helpful to say in a review that a book “has language a little more colorful than I prefer” than to say “it’s too explicit.” Be more constructive. 

Personally, I am careful with books that I read. If it seems too emotional, graphic, or violent from the start, I probably won’t continue reading. You know what types of books you enjoy, stuck to those and you won’t be so easily frustrated or angered. Some books are super deep and stir your insides, those books I take in parts. It’s great writing, but it’s also something that I feel a need to soak in before digging into more. 

Enjoy Banned Book Week and be aware that there are books out there that are restricted from bookshelves. Have you read any of books that are on the list? Do you know of any books