God Made You Just Right: Adorably written and beautifully illustrated

As a matter of fact, God DID make you just right! How fitting of a title to a board book full of rhymes and beautiful illustrations!

Each moment in the life of a toddler is significant and absolutely amazing. God Made You Just Right focuses on many of these activities that toddlers go through. The rhymes are super cute and flows so angelically from page to page, one idea to the next. 

The images portrayed are also not short of spectacular! I love how the story shows these children of both genders and many ethnicities through activities both inside and outside. Most importantly, the focus of how something as simple as their fingers or toes is useful in its own special way!

It’s lovely to see a children’s book guiding toddlers to be themselves and not try to be like everyone else. God made each of us differently, but His creation is perfect so we are all perfect in His eyes. That’s all that should really matter!

I would have loved reading this to my son when he was younger! Now he can read it to me! Even adults enjoy being read to! 

God Made You Just Right by Jill Roman Lord and illustrated by Amy Wummer was provided complimentary for an honest review for Worthy Publishing.

Continuous adventure when with the Blood Guard

They never stayed in one place too long, Ronan’s parents were always on the move. His mother signed him up for all sorts of lessons after school, which he thought was to keep him busy and away from trouble. Why did his mother always keep him so busy?

Parents. We are often enrolling our children in activities from sports to music lessons, martial arts to Boy/Girl Scouts. Our intention is to help our children become more well rounded, more disciplined, and learn lessons along the way about teamwork and perseverance, integrity and confidence. But little did Ronan know…

His mother sent him to all these lessons after school to train him, to prepare him, for the adventure he was about to go on because she was in the Blood Guard. Ronan’s confused. They’re being chased by “bad guys” as his mother put it. The Blood Guard protects people from these “bad guys” his mother states. 

When my mom ran, she blurred. There was a moment her legs were visible; then something shifted, and she was a smear of color streaking across the pavement, halving the distance between us and the police car in a single breath. No regular person moves that fast. (Loc 217, Blood Guard, Roy Carter)

They’re being chased by these “bad guys” dressed as police officers? And Ronan’s mother has a cutlass, a sword? What is going on? This can’t be real! 

This Young Adult adventure is an explosion of action that will get your heart pounding with anticipation! All the lessons and training after school starts to make sense to Ronan as he finds himself in the middle of the Blood Guard and the “bad guys”, who he later learns is called the Bend Sinister. The Bend Sinister is trying to steal the souls of the Pure, the few people in this world who are the purest of people but doesn’t know it. And the Blood Guard are protecting the Pure from the Bend Sinister. 

It’s startling to imagine the possibilities, but what is the true purpose for parents to really send children to extra curricular activities? What are our children being groomed to be ready for in their future? 

Blood Guard was written by Roy Carter, with a sequel titled “Glass Gauntlet”. An exciting adventure for any young adult or older, this was provided complimentary for an honest review on NetGalley. Be prepared to have the sequel ready because it really is that good of a storyline!