Annie’s People is a wonderful-good trilogy that sucked me in

Beverly Lewis does an amazing job to snag a reader’s attention and keep them engaged just enough that the reader can’t seem to put the book down. The characters slowly and gently enter the reader’s heart. In particular, the Annie’s People trilogy is wonderful-good at placing an Englisher reader into the middle of the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish. 

When I was little, my parents took me on many trips to the continental US. During one of those trips, we visited an Amish community, likely similar to that of the Annie’s People trilogy. I remember getting a tour of their lifestyle and my father being absolutely amazed at how it was like the little town of Kohala, where he grew up. He laughed at how he didn’t have power and had to do similar tasks as the Amish. 

Ever since being in that community, I’ve been fascinated with the Amish lifestyle. As an adult, reading about the Amish in the Annie’s People trilogy brought me into what feels likens different time and space. It is so easy to read that I couldn’t put each book down!

The Preacher’s Daughter, The Brethren, and The Englisher are fantastically written books that so gently bring you into the world of the Amish as Annie invites her English friend to live with her while the reader slowly immerses into Amish culture in the eyes of an Englisher. So many events occur during the trilogy that simply keeps you at the edge of your seat. There’s no putting these books down once you get started! Be prepared to read all three books as close together as you possibly can!

I found this series at the Hawaii State Public Libraries, particularly the Aiea and Pearl City libraries. In order to get all three books, I had to go to different libraries. The Hawaii State Public Libraries offer library card holders to reserve books and pick up at a specific library. But, I wanted to get to the next book so quickly that I drove to the next library to get it!!

As I was able to get my hands on this series for free using the resources available, I wanted to review this trilogy as well. Annie’s People is a series totally worth starting and encourages me to check out more Beverly Lewis books! Which Amish series should I read next?

Blue Jeans Gospel compares blue jeans with the gospel

I love my blue jeans. I wear it as often as I can. It’s soft and comfortable. It fits me just how I like it. It’s even starting to wear at the seams where my son giggled as he poked his finger through my jeans and touched my leg! But what does blue jeans have anything to do with the gospel? I was intrigued when I saw this title in a sea of others. There was no way this blue jean loving lady was going to pass up a book titled Blue Jeans Gospel! There’s got to be a connection!! 

Well, there’s apparently a fantastic connection between blue jeans and the gospel. I don’t know about you, but I love it when my blue jeans is fitted just so and wearing it increases my self-confidence. Similarly, the gospel is to be worn comfortably on our heart! 

When you read and believe the scriptures, it becomes a part of you. It fits in your heart as you cherish the direction and guidance and integrity it fills you with. Blue Jeans Gospel will guide readers to getting the gospel to fit your heart like your blue jeans fits your body!

Now I’m picturing the scriptures covering my heart snug and soft like my favorite pair of blue jeans fits my body. I hope this easy to read book makes you feel this way as well!

Blue Jeans Gospel by Rob Cruver was provided complimentary for an honest review via NetGalley.

Summer Reading Program 2016

It’s that time again!! The Hawaii State Libraries have geared up a brand new Summer Reading Program for 2016! Instead of tracking which books you’ve read, now we’re focused on how many minutes we read!

How many minutes do you want to read each day? It is encouraged that everyone reads at least 20 minutes. Can you manage that?

I know life gets busy and so many things tugs for our attention, but taking time to read each day is very important for brain health! And we can read so many various forms of media from books to newspapers, magazines to blogs! There’s so many options out there for us these days!

And did you know that the Hawaii State Library system offers ebooks and audiobooks as well? They use a free app called Overdrive! There’s even electronic magazines you can borrow using the free Zinio app! Yes, I have both!

Track your reading minutes!
A little extra for an extra prize!
Lets capture the daily reading minutes you read!