Tony Tobbins Launch Team

I was scrolling through social media last month and came across an advertisement to be on the Tony Robbins Launch Team. What? I can be on his launch team for his newest book? No way! As fast as my fingers allowed I signed up immediately!

Since then it’s been a lot of waiting. I received information that an electronic book would be sent out, but it came a week or so after the suggested date. I saw tons of complaints, but I just waited. It’s not like I paid for anything so what’s the rush?

Then I was offered to get the book, MONEY: Master the Game, for FREE and just pay $7.95 shipping. I knew for a fact this book is worth way more than $10, so I paid the cost and, again, waited. 

Four or so weeks later, the book came in the mail. Woohoo! Wow, it’s a much thicker book than I thought it would be. It says 7 Simple Steps, but it’s got so many pages!

So far, I’m partway through chapter 1.1, yes there’s parts of chapters, too! But it’s interesting and full of great how’s and whys and personal experiences that it’s actually hard to put down.

My plan for this book is to post every now and again as I get through this book.