When A New Life Begins, it is adored and loved

Whenever a baby mammal is born, it’s mother instinctively watches over him. Parents share their love and affection for the baby and it is common for babies to enjoy the company of other babies. This is no different with Zealy and Whubba in The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba: A New Life Begins by Roe De Pinto.  


Zealy is the new seal pup born one winter to loving parents. Zealy is carefully watched over by her parents. One day a young orca whale, Whubba, splashes by and quickly becomes friends with Zealy and immediately finds himself protecting the pup from whatever might harm her. 

Typically, a seal pup is on the food chain for several creatures. There is no indication of the dangers that are present for Zealy. But with Whubba, Zealy is safe. 

Adorable and loved book that my son and I read together. I especially love the images of Zealy and Whubba. Zealy’s parents are a bit on the dark side, but their soft eyes make them live able, too. A New Life Begins is a brief story that can be enjoyed by many young children. My son wished it continued on as he’s been reading longer stories lately and gets disappointed with shorter stories, especially when he enjoys the characters. 

A complimentary hard copy of Zealy and Whubba in The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba: A New Life Begins by Roe De Pinto was sent to me by the author for an honest review. As this is Book 1 Series 1, I hope to catch the next adventure. 

The Great Carp Escape is wonderful

A young girl, Beth, and her younger brother, Paul, live near a huge lake where they loved to play on the sandy beach. There was an area nearby where there were swampy reeds with carp swimming in the water. Beth and Paul are curious children who find interest in nature around them.

Sometimes, they would walk along the shore and find a dead carp that they thought was ugly. Their father reminded Beth and Paul that God thinks the fish is wonderful, just like them. Summer’s were great for swimming and looking for clams. But in spring, when the snow melted, everything seemed underwater. At least until the water started to dry up. This is when Beth and Paul find several carp trapped without a way to get back out to the lake and the little pond they were in was starting to dry up. What will happen to the carp? Will Beth and Paul be able to save the carp?

The Great Carp Escape by Irish Beth Maddock pulls young readers in with its detail and realistic activities. Trying to save the trapped carp is only natural for a young curious child. Finding a way to help the carp escape comes naturally to children. It’s quite interesting to ask a child how they would help the carp before getting to the answers given in the book.

The situation in this story reminds me of a similar situation in an episode of Curious George. But, the answers in the book didn’t jog my Curious George memory until I began writing this review.

This is a great book for youngsters who are looking for a small adventure. It is also a wonderful message that even ugly carp are wonderful to God. A beautiful message for anyone who doubts their own beauty, especially for impressionable children.

The Great Carp Escape was sent to me complimentary for an honest review by Bostick Communications and Irish Beth Maddock. It was a pleasure to read this wonderful book and admire the gorgeous images. My family will treasure this book for many years to come.

Young Mystery Series #1 The Missing Lunch

Children’s books are a genre many adults can love and enjoy due to its simplicity and ability to take you back to being young and carefree. Young Mystery Series Book #1 The Missing Lunch, by B.K. Maxwell, is a story that takes the reader through the process of elimination to solve the mystery of who is taking Dennis’ lunch.

Let’s start from the beginning, Dennis Mayfield is the best friend of mystery detective and 9 year old student, Kia Young. Kia and her brother Marcus work as a team to distract teachers and school officials as well as interrogate other students to find out who has been taking Dennis’ precious PB&J sandwiches. What makes this PB&J so special? It’s apparently the world’s best, made by his mother with a special jelly and the bread is toasted. It makes even my moth water when I think about it.

Typical 9 year old conversations and actions create fun interactions and an interesting mystery to solve as the prospective suspects get scratched off. I thought I knew the culprit before it was revealed at the end of the story, but at the same time, I had my doubts that I was right.

A very fun and engaging children’s book that any student about 2nd-5th grades can enjoy. Amazon suggests 4-12th grades, but with the new Common Core, I think 2nd graders can read and understand this book and enjoy it. The activities of the students are age appropriate and realistic as are the conversations between children. I would have enjoyed this story when I was young.

I recommend this book to children across the country as they could all probably relate to the young characters and the situation at hand. A pdf copy of this book was provided for an honest review by the author, whom I met via Twitter, @ITsBKMaxwell.

How Grandmas and Grandpas Saved Christmas (Book 1 & 2) Review

Grandma and Grandpa are those clever people who love on their grandchildren. They smother these little ones with love and snacks and gifts. When Santa Claus is in need of assistance, why wouldn’t Grandma and Grandpa help save Christmas?

Book 1

One year, the elves were busy making toys from their “hands and heart” for all the good little boys and girls. Suddenly the sun shined through the windows and the elves got excited to play outside. They decided to take a snowball break and go outside to play. Mrs Claus insisted they put on their coats just in case. However, the elves felt it appeared warm and wouldn’t need their coats.

Needless to say, the temperatures dropped and the wind blew fiercely. All the elves were shivering without their coats. When they finally made it back inside, each elf was sneezing, coughing, feverish, and needed rest. But what would happen to the toy making? How will all the toys be made before the short deadline of Christmas?

Santa and retired elf Joe decided to seek the assistance of all the grandmas and grandpas who were once little boys and girls. With the help of all these loving grandmas and grandpas, could all the toys be made with “hands and hearts” before Christmas?

Book 2


The sequel to this series begins when Santa arrives from delivering all the toys to the good boys and girls on Christmas morning. When Santa, Joe, and the elves meet to discuss the next year’s toy making projects, they realize the children are now looking for electronic toys. These electronics the elves have not been trained to operate.

Santa, Mrs Claus, and a few elves go to South America to attend an event full of machines that make electronics. They order a handful of machines and request they get painted with candy cane stripes. Several weeks later, the machines arrive and the elves realize they do not know how to operate these machines and some machines require special electrical sockets or cool down water.

How will Santa and the elves ever get these electronic toys made in time for Christmas? Do you think Santa will depend on the grandmas and grandpas to assist to get these machines running and make the electronic toys for the good little boys and girls this Christmas?

About the book

How Grandmas and  Grandpas Saved Christmas was written by Richard J. Gausselin, in collaboration with Christopher Gausselin and Mary C. Gausselin. My six year old son and I both enjoyed these books. The suspense of how Santa would accomplish his toy making in both books had us both at the edge of our seats. My son especially liked that it was the grandmas and grandpas that saved Christmas as  he imagined his own grandparents going to the North Pole to help make his own Christmas presents if Santa needs the help.

Complimentary copies of both books have been provided for this review. Reviews are also posted on GoodReads and Amazon.

Is Jesus truly “Boundless”?

Your typical “Christian church” in the West, has worship music often played to popular tunes, a sermon in a lecture-style format, and possibly small groups the congregation and break into throughout the week. At least, that’s been my experience in the last 20 years. What if the parameters were different? What if the worship was in the music style of the local community? What if the message was discussed as a group? What if learning was more effective through a storytelling and probing questions to follow?

This is sort of the route that Bryan Bishop took in his book, Boundless. As a researcher for Youth with a Mission (YWAM), Bishop traveled the world and discovered hidden movements of Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, and others experiencing Jesus without the cookie cutter Western Christianity. Can people who live in communities of these other cultures still experience Jesus?

At first, Boundless seemed similar to a book I’ve already reviewed, Jesus without Borders by Chadd Gibbs. In both works, the author goes on these trips around the world and visits the Christian groups in the areas. There are remarkable similarities to their findings, even as they travel to different places. However, Boundless has a few additional topics:

  • Bishop summarizes a few principles that reveal the boundaries of Western Christianity being broken
  • There are additional videos that go along with a 10-week study that groups can go through

Personally, I enjoyed reading Boundless and the revelations that it reveals. I am not surprised that there are groups meeting and using their own cultural aspects to share the Gospel. We should meet others where they are at, or so that is what I’ve been taught. When we share our own experiences, it places perspective in other peoples eyes, just as if we were sharing about a trip we went on and what we did.

I received a complimentary copy of Boundless from Net Galley.

Boundless can be found in various places, but I highly encourage purchasing from http://bryanbishop.net/resources/ or http://www.bakerpublishinggroup.com/books/boundless/353540. I am purchasing a copy for a friend, who i think will absolutely love it!