Are you a Horizontal Jesus?

Often heard in many Christian conversations, sermons, podcasts, etc, there is a common saying that we need to work on our vertical before our horizontal. In other words, we need to work on our relationship with God before reaching out to others. The book Horizontal Jesus by Dr Tony Evans describes the opposite.

Dr Evans describes in his book that we should emulate Jesus through our actions. Why are we waiting for someone else to do feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and shelter the homeless when we can do just that ourselves? It reminds me of the song by Matthew West, Do Something. Like the book, Matthew West describes how instead of just waiting or watching something happen, we do something about it.

In Horizontal Jesus, Dr Evans shares that we need to live as Jesus did, do what Jesus did, react the way Jesus did, and be the example of Jesus here on earth. It is our job to be the example that non-Christians can see Jesus in us.

Recently, I also heard on the radio that we should live in a manner that causes others to look at themselves and wonder what they’re missing in their lives. Horizontal Jesus makes that same point. We need to be the hands and feet for Jesus while we are here on earth.

Horizontal Jesus was provided to me complimentary through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. There is a study guide version that goes along with the book. Published by Harvest House Publishers and available at your local or electronic bookstore, Horizontal Jesus is an excellently written book that places the reader on the edge of going out and doing something.

And what a great place to be!

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Have you ever felt like you should Keep It Shut?

Several months ago, I learned that there was a Proverbs 31 Online Bible Study study that was going to use the book Keep It Shut, by Karen Ehman. Just the title alone had me attracted to this book. After all, I really do not know when to keep my own mouth shut.

Keep It Shut book coverIt just so happens that at the same time this book was released back in January 2015, I was placed in a situation at work where I needed to be extra careful with my words. There was an individual being placed into my office (literally the cubicle next to me) that could likely frustrate me the moment I stepped into the office. Here was my prime opportunity to practice keeping it shut!

However, I did not get very far with the study itself. As I often do, I fell quickly behind and gave up trying to keep up with the study and read this book at my own pace. Instead of keeping it shut at work, I tended to simply avoid any situation that I thought I might have to be extra careful. This can be super challenging considering the person in the cubicle next to me was always right there next to me.

“Spending time in God’s Word shapes our hearts – it keeps us on the path of knowledge, which includes knowing the truth behind our motives.” – Keep It Shut, by Karen Ehman

It took me several months to finish this book. Keep It Shut is full of great tips on when to keep our mouths shut and when not to. It’s all about being aware of those around us and the emotions and feelings we may hurt. It’s also about saying things when we should, but with grace and forgiveness.

After reading Keep It Shut, I’ve learned that scripture is very detailed about how we use our words. Isn’t it amazing that a book written centuries ago can still apply to life today?

“Spending time both reading and memorizing verses from Proverbs is a practical step anyone can take to tame the tongue.” –Keep It Shut, by Karen Ehman

Keep It Shut is a perfect book for anyone who communicates with other people. Wait a minute, that means you, too! I highly recommend reading this book for parents, siblings, managers, employees, anyone that has to deal with anyone. It is so easy to really say what we’re thinking and feeling without any care for how it will affect those around us. But the moment we step out of our own shoes and into someone else’s, we can better shape the words that we say.


Will Max the Brave find a mouse?

Max the Brave is a kitten who loves chasing mice. Unfortunately, this kitten has no idea what a mouse is! So, this adventure takes Max through exploring and gullibility. Be a part of Max’s adventure and enter the Rafflecopter giveaway, available until October 31!

Several weeks ago, I found Max the Brave on NetGalley. When I first read this story to my six year old I used animated voices to represent various creatures and encouraged him to get excited through the storyline. Not too long ago, I was approached to be a part of the Max the Brave book tour. I did everything I could to be a part of this book tour because I knew my son would enjoy it, too. He absolutely loved this story and was thrilled when I told him we got the book in the mail! An actual book he can skim through and read all in his own now!

This fearless kitten searches for a mouse. He asks other creatures if they are mouse. He gets pointed in the right direction, when finally he approaches a big green monster looking creature. Wait, is THAT mouse?

His favorite line is “Max is a brave kitten.”

Max the Brave, by Ed Vere, is artistically and creatively assembled. It is simple for children to read without the distractions of scenery. Sometimes, a setting is too much for the main idea of the story. Lovely colors and an excellent cape to enhance Max’s bravery seals the perfection in this book.

Even as an adult and parent, I love this book. It took my son on an adventure he would never have experienced. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading it to him before he knew most of the words several weeks ago. Oh, how quickly they speed through learning to read at the first grade! Now, he can read most of it to me!

Please visit to learn more about Max the Brave and other fantastic book by London creator, Ed Vere.