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I am a book advocate!

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No seriously, I am an advocate 🙂 I love books, I love reading. I can only hope my son will have a love for books like I do.

Unfortunately, I have this thing called “work” that I must go to and it limits my time to do the reading I love. So, I use books and reading as a time to reflect, a time to get away from this craziness people call “life”, a time to just relax.

If you are also a book advocate with NetGalley, please share your experiences as well! Let’s share this love of books!

Do you have a Huggabear?

Several weeks ago or so, I received a tweet from the author of the Huggabear series, Angelique La Fon-Cox. She shared her Huggabear book series and we had a friendly conversation in direct message. She is a delightful mother and wife, who just happens to be an amazing author as well!

Bearwood Forest is the home of Kooshla, Saboo, and Tanuuk Huggabear (who represent the children of the author). The cubs go on adventures taking readers through at least eight tales thus far:

1 – “Wekcome to Bearwood Forest!”

2 – “Heavenly Castles”

3 – “A Cold and Rainy, Wind-Whirly Day”

4 – “The Family Gift”

5 – “Promises of the Forest Berry Fairies”

6 – “We Love the U.S.A.!”

7 – “The Great Dinosaur Discovery”

8 – “Flowers of the Meadow”

In each tale, there are splendid photos of the Huggabears and their adventures. And there’s a hidden symbol (a red heart with a bear paw print in the middle) to find throughout the books!

The first tale I read to my son was Tale 7,  “The Great Dinosaur Discovery” where Kooshla, Saboo, Tanuushka, and their younger cousin Koba go outside with toy dinosaurs. Not only does Koba teach his cousins what herbivores and carnivores are, but they pretend to go back in time when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

When the cubs “return to modern day” and tell their parents what they’ve been up to, they are given a lesson from scripture about the creation of things we see and things we do not see in this day. The ending of the tale is a lesson regarding the Leviathan and the Behemoth in The Book of Job, which could possibly have been what we now call dinosaurs.

The tales all end in a little scripture and lesson regarding the scripture. All are very important for children and adults to learn. My six year old is a bit too rambunctious to stay still for the tales in its entirety, but I did capture this moment where he pauses at the image:

My son enjoyed finding the heart symbols and steered me away from the actual story at hand. It’s a good thing I got through the first tale before telling him about the symbol! Ack! 
Overall, I enjoyed the tales and learned from each as well! It always amazes me how even children’s books can teach me lessons at my age!

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