How fast can you read, comprehend all that is written?

It amazes me that every day I get swarms of emails containing free ebooks. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever foresee receiving so many freebies in one day than these days. I love reading. It’s what I enjoy doing in my down time. 

But there’s no possible way for me to read as many books as I receive each day. I’m working full time, married, and gave a 6 year old (who enjoys being read to as well). I don’t read fast enough to keep up on the books I have in my Kindle Cloud! 

Lately I’ve been doing a little personal review on books I do finish. Sometimes it’s a kids book while other times it’s a book I’ve read that’s geared for older readers. But keeping up with my growing Kindle Cloud is physically impossible! 

I’m curious if there’s a way to get paid to read books and if qualify to do just that. Or even be able to read faster and still comprehend everything. I have a speed reading app, but I haven’t used it in a while. Maybe I should dedicate some time to practice?

What do you do to accomplish more reading and still comprehend?

Jake’s Gigantic List by Ken Spillman

Make a list, check it twice; that’s what Santa Claus does. Make a list, check off what you’ve accomplished; that’s what I do. Make a list of all the things you want to do in this lifetime; a bucket list. Make a list of all the things you want for your birthday; that’s what Jake does in this story: Jake’s Gigantic List by Ken Spillman.

In this fantastic Jake series, Jake goes through many obstacles and tasks. In Jake’s Gigantic List by Ken Spillman, Jake’s father suggests he make a list of all the things he wants for his birthday because it’s hard to get someone a gift when they already have everything. Jake disagrees that he has everything and proves it by making a gigantic list of what he wishes he could get for his birthday. He even reads part of his list to his book-loving aunt.


Little does he realize that his aunt is a clever lady. She tells him she can take him somewhere that has “dragons, dinosaurs, and piranahs….” Jake is very excited his aunt can take him to all this excitement only to find that she drives him to the local mall. His aunt must be crazy if she thinks all those things are in the mall! Jake’s clever aunt takes him into the bookstore with a bunch of books to sort through. Will Jake get what he wants for his birthday?

My 6 year old son loves it when I read to him. He especially loves it when I read to him and it’s an exciting book of adventure. Without realizing Jake’s aunt was taking him to a bookstore, my son thought she was taking him to somewhere else likely as exciting as where Jake thought he was going. Although my son loves books with lots of color, he was okay with the black and white sketches in Jake’s Gigantic List by Ken Spillman.

A few weeks ago, I read to my son another book in the Jake series, Jake’s Monster Mess. He looks forward to reading any adventure Jake takes, so I’m on the lookout for the other fantastic books in this series that I can get my hands on.

In Tune with Love by Amy Matayo

In Tune with Love: An April Wedding Story by Amy Matayo is a sweet tale of a young woman, April Quinn, who writes lyrics on napkins, toilet paper roles, and any piece of paper she can get her hands on. April works at a bar where musicians have an opportunity to share their talent. She holds a grudge when lyrics she wrote is heard on the radio and quickly hits the top charts, sung by a former coworker, Jack Vaughn, who must have stolen one of the pieces of paper with lyrics written on it.

April’s sister, Kristin, is planning her own wedding and fires her wedding planner. April soon gets appointed to be the wedding planner with four days to go before her dear sister ties the knot. With no experience and a very low budget, April does what she thinks will work while her sister tears apart her ideas. The wedding singer cancels as well, which her sister decides to hire an old friend, Jack Vaughn, who happens to be in town.
While April and Jack reunite after years of April’s grudge, they hit it off well as April shares what her sister wants. Jack eventually gets the courage to talk to April about those lyrics. Can April forgive Jack? Will Kristin’s wedding be what she dreamed it would be?

This novella took me a while to read as I’ve been suffering from a headache called hemicrania continua. This headache makes it difficult to concentrate on anything and ruins any moment of good moods. But I did get to finish it!

This little love story isn’t really what I thought it would be from the title. I thought since the story started off about April, it would be about April’s wedding, when it was really her sister’s wedding. Maybe since I hadn’t read the whole series of wedding novellas, I started the book without the necessary information needed to understand what’s going on.

Overall, it was a nice light read that took me away from the compassion fatigue I get from work. So, a nice “getaway” for me! I encourage everyone who suffers from compassion fatigue to find a genre of reading to get you away from reality for as short or long as you need it! This novella is one of those great getaways!

In Tune with Love: An April Wedding Story by Amy Matayo is available on Kindle for $3.99. 

Love Arrives in Pieces by Betsy St Amant

He left town because of the mistakes he made in his young adult love life. He started over. He found another love. He was about to get married. Then his fiancée died in an accident. He returns to his hometown, back to his family and to the root of the history of romance entanglement he originally left town to avoid. Living with his cousin, Chase finds himself a contracting job in attempt to restore the local theater, Cameo.

Stella is drowning in her sorrows after her one year anniversary of her divorce caused by her husband cheating on her and leaving her. She is a former beauty queen and trying to be her own person without the glitz and glamour. She is an interior designer by trade and her protective mother sets her up for a job as the interior designer for the restoration project at the Cameo. 

The first day of the project, Chase and Stella realize they need to work together. Chase is the boy who dated her sister and cheated on her with her own sister, Stella. The two know each other well, but have a history that may not be so easily reconciled. Can they fix the Cameo with all this history and drama in their backgrounds? 

When I started reading Love Arrives in Pieces by Betsy St Amant, my Kindle told me it would take me over six hours to read it. I was in total shock and wondered how long the book really was! After getting about halfway into the story, it suddenly changed the length of time to one and a half hours. I was much relieved. I still don’t know what was wrong with my Kindle, but it seems all is well now that I’ve completed the book. Ha!

Anyway, I became very attached to the characters in this story as I could find a piece of myself in many characters. Love Arrives in Pieces by Betsy St Amant is very nicely written and wonderfully ties in the importance of serving the homeless into the deep crevices of the story. I love how this story shares that everyone has a story. A phrase I hear often at church and at work:

“Everyone has a story you know nothing about.”

It is a helpful reminder that just like in Love Arrives in Pieces, people are broken. We all are. And we all need to put our prices together in our own way. Everyone’s story leads to something miraculous. Love Arrives in Pieces by Betsy St Amant is a Christian fiction book published by Zondervan.