Book 2 for 2015 read! Her Dakota Man by Lisa Mondello

After skimming through my many ebooks on my Kindle, I came across one the sounded interesting. The last book I read was about a cowboy, so a book a bout a man in Dakota seemed like a decent next book. Her Dakota Man by Lisa Mondello I got for free from one of the emails I receive daily about free and discounted ebooks.

I have to admit, I read way more books now that I have many just sitting in one device and I can take with me practically anywhere. My Kindle Paperwhite is a convenient device that is light and goes everywhere with me!


Her Dakota Man by Lisa Mondello starts off with a young woman, Poppy Erickson, visiting her old stomping grounds, a place she grew up, literally the home she lived in. Her best friends had married and bought her family’s old home. After a huge flood coming into town, Poppy returns from her city life in New York to help with cleanup as well as rekindle her friendship with her old flame and best friend, Logan McKinnon. Logan’s wife passed away the previous year and kept big secrets from now single dad, Logan, and from her best friend, Poppy.

This book develops characters and the settings with enough details to leave me, the reader, like I was right there with the characters. The storyline builds up with good timing. I felt myself sensing the emotions of the storyline from being skeptical to anger, hopeful to disappointed, confusion to loving.

Overall, a good book that can be read quickly. This light story is perfect to get your mind off the daily grind and sneak you to another place for a couple hours.

2015 book #1 completed – Kidnapped Cowboy

It is my Goodreads goal to read 20 books in 2015. On 2 January, with the help of it being slow at work and the holiday, I finished Book #1! It was a freebie I found for Kindle called Kidnapped Cowboy. Now how does one kidnap a cowboy? And why would someone want to kidnap this cowboy?

This story is pretty well written with a fun storyline and enough description to leave some to the reader’s imagination. There are some parts where a situation didn’t make sense, like when the cowboy that’s kidnapped is handcuffed yet able to do things. Some details are better left to the imagination.

Going from kidnapping the cowboy to running a program for troubled teens with this said cowboy is interesting and not an angle I was expecting when I first started reading. There’s just a hint of romance to keep the steamy vibe going but not extremely descriptive, it’s back to the imagination. No harm in that, right?

Overall, a fun and entertaining read that I recommend as an easy read. Very light and enjoyable. Great job, Lindsey Brookes!