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Book review: Miracles in You by Mark Victor Hansen

There are many miracles that can be found in scripture. But that was a long time ago, miracles can’t happen these days, right? Or can it? Are we look for these huge events like burning bushes that don’t burn or the sea parting so we can cross it like in the Bible? Or are we looking for miracles in our own personal lives like the birth of a baby or a dear friend accepting Christ as their Savior? What constitutes a miracle to you? 

Miracles in You by Mark Victor Hansen is an easy to read book taking readers through the little things that became miraculous; like sharing the gospel to a lonely teenager, who later becomes an evangelist reaching thousands or hundreds of thousands. It’s one small act created in love that God transforms and reaches the multitudes. 

Miracles are around us every day and we need to live life preparing for it and encouraging it. It is important to be connected with God in order to see and witness these miracles. Miracles in You by Mark Victor Hansen covers many examples of miracles of all shapes and sizes, yet each is centered on a relationship with Jesus. Sometimes we need to train ourselves to focus on miracles and it all starts with our connection with God.

“Take control of your thoughts and prayers and focus them toward positive outcomes for thirty-one days.”

As I read through this book, I was in awe with several miracles in the making stories. It seems so unrealistic for much of these to happen, but I know there’s so much truth in it. It starts with God and our relationship with Him. 

Years ago, I had turned away from God, thinking I can do this on my own. Then I found myself pregnant and as I researched how this baby was growing inside of me from week to week, all I could think of was how miraculous the process really is. How could all this be part of evolution like we were taught in school? There has to be a Master behind all this amazing events! As each week passed I grew closer and closer to Jesus again and now this child is 6 years old; still amazing me each day with how much he learns and grows. It truly is a miracle from conception through pregnancy and all the way through life!

I never considered looking for miracles each day, but I know that it happens all around me. Miracles can happen and you can be a miracle!

Miracles in You by Mark Victor Hansen can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.