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Kindergarten resource day to the library

Yesterday was resource day again for my son’s kindergarten class. Instead of the usual Pokémon books, he decided to pick a book about the Marines. His friend in his class often puts a bug in my son’s head about the military.  And since we live near three military bases, we have many neighbors who serve in the armed forces. 


My child actually showed me a picture from this book he borrowed that his friend in class says is his grandfather and uncles. This book in particular was published in 2009 and it has many images on the beach. As it is totally possible that pictures may have been used from a base nearby, the likelihood it’s his friend’s grandfather is a bit far-fetched. However, there is the potential it could be true. The person in question in this book has a dark shadow on his face, so realistically, it could be anyone. But how do you explain that to a 6 year old?

Even as a mother who knows very little about the military, just thinking about boot camp for 12 weeks sounds crazy. Yet there are hundreds and thousands who do so every year, I can imagine. It also gave me the thought to tell my 6 year old that if he ever joins the military, I want to live with him and help him care for his family. He didn’t seem to like that thought!

Surprising as it is, my kindergartener really can have interests in things other than Pokémon! Here’s to more learning about the world outside of Pokémon!