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Summer Reading Program 2016

It’s that time again!! The Hawaii State Libraries have geared up a brand new Summer Reading Program for 2016! Instead of tracking which books you’ve read, now we’re focused on how many minutes we read!

How many minutes do you want to read each day? It is encouraged that everyone reads at least 20 minutes. Can you manage that?

I know life gets busy and so many things tugs for our attention, but taking time to read each day is very important for brain health! And we can read so many various forms of media from books to newspapers, magazines to blogs! There’s so many options out there for us these days!

And did you know that the Hawaii State Library system offers ebooks and audiobooks as well? They use a free app called Overdrive! There’s even electronic magazines you can borrow using the free Zinio app! Yes, I have both!

Track your reading minutes!
A little extra for an extra prize!
Lets capture the daily reading minutes you read!