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Summer reading programs 2015

We are now in the middle of summer and I just realized I didn’t share about summer reading programs! Here in Hawaii, each state library is nearly done with their summer reading program. This year’s theme is Superheroes! It’s been a blast so far!

Each state library tracks the summer reading program participants separately. So, we have been going to the Mililani and Pearl City libraries. I have also managed to take my son to the summer reading program at Schofield Barracks, which has been fun, as well. Schofield Barracks theme is “Read to the Rhythm”. Both themes offer prizes for reading related to the theme, more or less. We will share what our prizes were when it’s all said and done, so check back in a couple weeks!

My 6 year old and I started the program in week 2, but have been attending every week since. We have gotten many prizes for reading about various adventures from “Where is the Green Sheep?” by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek to “Play with Your Food” by David G Detrick, Jr.

 I highly recommend both and everything in between and around these for young children! My son LOVED these!

Usually, he picks a book and we read it together (which really means I read the words and he describes the pictures). But he surprised me with “Where is the Green Sheep?” When he started reading! Here’s a clip of him reading to ME!

My child started kindergarten barely knowing his alphabet and now that it’s over, I’m in shock! A lot can happen in kindergarten! Wow! I was thrilled that soon he will be reading on his own for summer reading and I can focus on my own!

Two weeks left of summer reading! I wonder what other adventures we will go on?

Pearl City Library is closing…temporarily

My son’s books were due at the local public library so we made a special trip to return them. I was not in the mood for waiting for the child to find new books and told him we’re only returning books. The look in his eyes told me he did not like that idea and really wanted to borrow some books. It’s for his reading, I’ll cave in this one.

We walked into the library and dropped off the books he was returning. I noticed a stack of red paper nearby. This paper isn’t usually here; I wondered what it was. Taking a peek it had December 15, 2014 on it. I had to do a double take and re-read what it actually said.

Pearl City Library Public Library Closure
Monday, December 15, 2014 — Summer 2015

The librarian confirmed, we can borrow books, but their bookdrop will be closed, so they suggest returning the books to another library. So, we continued on our way through the library and I helped my son snag a few books he would normally not grab. Otherwise everything would be Pokémon! Interestingly enough, he found books on Star Wars and Disney movies.

On this trip he also insisted on borrowing three books that he already has. The books he has is not in the same format of individual hard cover books. Instead, he has a hard cover book with five stories in it and the three books he wanted to borrow are in that one! He didn’t understand and kept insisting he doesn’t have the story. I let him borrow one and I’ll show him what he already has later.

The Pearl City Public Library is closing temporarily so they can get their roof redone and change their carpet. We are welcome to visit other libraries. It may be a further drive but my son has never been to other libraries other than the library at school, so this will be an adventure. And it gives us a chance to visit the new Aiea library.

This close is temporary and they plan to reopen mid-summer. I think we can handle visiting other libraries in the meantime!


Renewing your library books

During fall break, we were on a trip to Disneyland. Although we had a blast and got extremely exhausted from all the walking, my son still had nine books he had to renew the day after we got back.

This stressed me out mainly because I wanted him to avoid any overdue fees. Thankfully, the Hawaii State Library system has a phone app that allows us to renew books if we can. We were allowed to renew all but one book.

So guess what? We ended up back at the library anyway. Go figure. My son borrowed more Pokémon books. Really?!

Bring your library card to public libraries

My 5 year old am I had books due at the public library, so we stopped at the library after school one day. We had all our books to return and walked into the library.

My son is looking at books while I’m scrambling looking for our library cards. Where are the cards? Hmmm…

Absolute panic! Then apologies to my son as I realize I put the cards in my purse, which I left at home.

Instead of getting angry, my son decides to make the best of this library trip and looks for books for me to read to him right in the library. We might not need to borrow the books if we read it right now!

We read books for a good hour or so, then decided we should go and accomplish a few other errands for the day.

I have AJ be moved the library cards to somewhere I won’t forget next time, ready file any last minute trip to the library. Maybe that next trip will be today!?