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Happy National Library Week 2016!

It’s National Child Abuse Awareness Month. And this week, starting today, is National Library Week. There are likely events happening this week at your local library, just like it is here in Hawaii!

If you haven’t visited your local library lately, this week is a perfect reason to stop in! There are so many things going on at libraries these days. 

For one, many libraries may have their own mobile app. This allows book borrowers to renew books online, reserve books, or even check out the library hours at a variety of libraries in the system (I use this often!). 

Also, most libraries are now using the Overdrive app. With this app, borrowers can borrow electronic books, audio books, periodicals, etc. It’s a great way to get that child (at least my child) to explore new topics (I can read only so many Pokémon books without losing it).

A library near us has been rebuilt in the last couple years. We visited last weekend  and it was very nice as expected. What surprised me most and my son thoroughly enjoyed was the quick self-check out process. In fact, it was such an experience for my son that he wanted to borrow more books!  

 As we do our best to finish reading all the books we borrowed last weekend, I hope to stop at our libraries this week and I hope you will, too!