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Miss Match is obvious to everyone else but the matchmaker

Toujour is a European matchmaking business that utilizes actual people to match couples together using one-on-one interviews. Top matchmaker, Brooke, used Toujour to see the effectiveness of the program and she found an artist from Europe, who she is now engaged to because she believes in the effectiveness of Toujour. However, Brooke’s best friend, Luke, has been in love with her for eight years. Will Luke be able to convince Brooke he’s a better match for her?

 Luke Ryder has been named the CEO of Ryder Communications, a business his late father built years ago from his basement. Luke’s father recently died of lung cancer and Luke has been struggling to get through life. The board of directors at Ryder Communications question Luke’s ability to run the company. It is Beooke who is there for him and helps this bachelor to make sense of life as he now knows it. 

Simultaneously, Brooke’s boss and owner of Toujour shares that unless sales pick up, Toujour will close its doors. Brooke devises a plan to sign up hot bachelor and very popular Luke Ryder as a candidate on Toujour to help save the business. Little does she realize how many single people will suddenly line up for a chance to date Luke. 

Luke agrees to helping Brooke but refuses to seriously date any one because of his love for Brooke. Will Luke find true love and his original plan backfires? Will Brooke ever realize that there’s a better match for her than her fiancé?

Miss Match by Lindzee Armstrong is part of the No Match for Love series. An excellent first book to snag your attention and leave you eager for more excitement. The characters are realistic and details so descriptive. is a website that offers complimentary ebooks for a review. This is the first time I’ve used this site and I am so far very pleased. The selection of books is updated quicker than I can read a book and the format very simplified.