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Believing Jesus is eye-opening and so real

Several months ago, I came across a book study with FaithGateway. It was a study about Believing Jesus and it was more than your typical book study, it came along with a video teaching series that discusses each chapter of the book. It was like doing a book study with other women, from my own living room! 


Little did I know, the devil would sneak up on me and my plans to enjoy this series with other women as I quickly fell behind. However, I persevered and completed the book on my own. Believing Jesus by Lisa Harper keeps you engaged as she throws her personal testimony and that of people she knows into the mix of scriptures and ideas.

I especially love it when Ms Harper uses modern modes of transportation for how the apostles traveled. It places them in the modern world which helps me to better understand the scriptures themselves. It places personality into her book and I love the attention to detail provided to assisting the understanding of what happened some two thousand years ago.

Ms Harper eloquently explains her experiences with the little girl, Missy, who she adopted from Haiti. HIV positive and transplanted to the States, little Missy seems to enjoy life and sparks a love for Jesus at her young age. As a single parent, Ms Harper expresses the challenges she’s been through and doesn’t shy away from absolute honesty.

Believing Jesus by Lisa Harper is a book I highly recommend to anyone struggling with how or why they should believe the words in their Bible. It’s one thing to know and understand the scriptures, but it’s something totally different to believe those words and live it daily.