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When discouraged, pray with power to get results!

“Pray about it,” my pastor’s wife would say when I approached her about something that was on my mind. When you spend time in prayer, God hears you and will respond. How much effort do you actually place in prayer? How do I know He’s responding? How do I know if what I’m receiving is His answer or my own thoughts?

Prayer is huge in pastor’s wife’s daily life and I’ve only wished it were so important in my own. I’m learning, though, that prayer is as important as you make it. I’m reading so much about prayer lately as it is a topic that has captured my heart these last few years. Most recently, I read a book by Pastor Abolaji Muyiwa Akinbo, or Pastor Bo. He titles his book, Prayer, Power & Results, and it is about the power of prayer, along with the Holy Spirit, and the magnificent results that can take place.

Pastor Bo dives into scripture and examines the topic of prayer using examples from stories in scripture along with real life examples of people close to him. It is in these examples that the reader can see how the power of prayer can move mountains.

“Without us calling, there is nothing for God to answer.” -Pastor Bo, Prayer, Power & Results, p. 25.

Prayer, Power & Results fills readers with tools they can use to not only learn about prayer, but also where to find various topics in scripture and how to overcome satan and his followers. Generally a quick read, this book is stuffed with useful prayer tools and prayer suggestions. 

Do be on alert when digging deeper into scripture and learning to pray as it causes the enemy to be distressed and will be on attack to keep you from your goal. If you follow me on Goodreads, you can see that I started Prayer, Power & Results back in December 2015, but only finished it last night. In the last two months, my family and I have been attacked by the enemy in many shapes and forms. 

It is very useful to know that Jesus overcomes and so can you. Prayer, Power & Results by Pastor Bo was sent to me complimentary for an honest review. I recommend this book to anyone seeking to learn about prayer and has the willingness to work towards achieving the Godly response.