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NetGalley Challenge 2015

I am letting publishers and writers know that I am serious. Serious about helping books succeed.

I am a book advocate!

This is a badge for the NetGalley Challenge 2015.

Challenge Participant

No seriously, I am an advocate 🙂 I love books, I love reading. I can only hope my son will have a love for books like I do.

Unfortunately, I have this thing called “work” that I must go to and it limits my time to do the reading I love. So, I use books and reading as a time to reflect, a time to get away from this craziness people call “life”, a time to just relax.

If you are also a book advocate with NetGalley, please share your experiences as well! Let’s share this love of books!

Week ONE of book studies

Week ONE is officially over. Was I successful at completing all the book studies I set out to do? Not 100%. But that’s okay. I was able to do the scripture studies with Love God Greatly (Psalm 119) and Good Morning Girls (Proverbs – I’m still missing a day, but I’ll get to it this morning!). The Anything book study with Faith Gateway, I haven’t even started page 1 yet, but I’m supposed to have completed chapters 1-3 this past week and this coming week 4-6. Oops! And I start the Mending Heart book study tomorrow.

In addition, I was able to get my son and me to three libraries for their summer reading program. He got prizes from each and loves being rewarded for his reading. It’s too bad no one does this throughout the rest of the year. Am I supposed to do this on my own?

I’m also trying to finish two other books for Worthy Publishing, First Look. Both, I’m behind and I’ve already notified the coordinator. With the headache I’ve had since April 13 (hemicranial continua) and the occipital nerve block procedure I got last week, I’ve been a little slower at reading and I get fatigued quickly. So, all my reading I’ve planned out for myself is extremely behind and that’s no fun. It’s hard to read when you’re head’s throbbing and an eye feels like it’s going to explode or when I’m sleeping!

There’s a book waiting in my email to review from a Twitter follower and yesterday I received another request to review a book. I am determined to get this all done in the next 30 days and hope I am able to.

I’m also planning to review books for Chicklit Club. They give me 3 months to review, so that’s doable, I hope.

Today is Father’s Day, so HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the daddies and daddies-to-be out there! Please allow today to represent what should being a daddy is like every day.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it. ~ Proverbs 22:6 NKJV

The idea of these progress posts is to show my progress in my reading and reviewing as well as what else I’ve placed on my plate for reading. I hope it encourages you to pick up a book in a genre you love and get to reading, 10 minutes a day can go a long way. Keep that brain working!

How fast can you read, comprehend all that is written?

It amazes me that every day I get swarms of emails containing free ebooks. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever foresee receiving so many freebies in one day than these days. I love reading. It’s what I enjoy doing in my down time. 

But there’s no possible way for me to read as many books as I receive each day. I’m working full time, married, and gave a 6 year old (who enjoys being read to as well). I don’t read fast enough to keep up on the books I have in my Kindle Cloud! 

Lately I’ve been doing a little personal review on books I do finish. Sometimes it’s a kids book while other times it’s a book I’ve read that’s geared for older readers. But keeping up with my growing Kindle Cloud is physically impossible! 

I’m curious if there’s a way to get paid to read books and if qualify to do just that. Or even be able to read faster and still comprehend everything. I have a speed reading app, but I haven’t used it in a while. Maybe I should dedicate some time to practice?

What do you do to accomplish more reading and still comprehend?

In Tune with Love by Amy Matayo

In Tune with Love: An April Wedding Story by Amy Matayo is a sweet tale of a young woman, April Quinn, who writes lyrics on napkins, toilet paper roles, and any piece of paper she can get her hands on. April works at a bar where musicians have an opportunity to share their talent. She holds a grudge when lyrics she wrote is heard on the radio and quickly hits the top charts, sung by a former coworker, Jack Vaughn, who must have stolen one of the pieces of paper with lyrics written on it.

April’s sister, Kristin, is planning her own wedding and fires her wedding planner. April soon gets appointed to be the wedding planner with four days to go before her dear sister ties the knot. With no experience and a very low budget, April does what she thinks will work while her sister tears apart her ideas. The wedding singer cancels as well, which her sister decides to hire an old friend, Jack Vaughn, who happens to be in town.
While April and Jack reunite after years of April’s grudge, they hit it off well as April shares what her sister wants. Jack eventually gets the courage to talk to April about those lyrics. Can April forgive Jack? Will Kristin’s wedding be what she dreamed it would be?

This novella took me a while to read as I’ve been suffering from a headache called hemicrania continua. This headache makes it difficult to concentrate on anything and ruins any moment of good moods. But I did get to finish it!

This little love story isn’t really what I thought it would be from the title. I thought since the story started off about April, it would be about April’s wedding, when it was really her sister’s wedding. Maybe since I hadn’t read the whole series of wedding novellas, I started the book without the necessary information needed to understand what’s going on.

Overall, it was a nice light read that took me away from the compassion fatigue I get from work. So, a nice “getaway” for me! I encourage everyone who suffers from compassion fatigue to find a genre of reading to get you away from reality for as short or long as you need it! This novella is one of those great getaways!

In Tune with Love: An April Wedding Story by Amy Matayo is available on Kindle for $3.99. 

Change of pace

After many fairly intense books of deep and thought-provoking books, I’ve decided to take a short break and read something of a different genre. It’s a different speed and intensity, yet interesting enough that I’m totally engrossed as I read.

I’m coming to the conclusion that I would love to get paid to read. Ha! I’m not even sure that’s possible, but if like to try my best to accomplish this. My goal in life: make a living by reading books and reviewing it, promote it a bit, and share how each book affects me as a woman, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a mother, a wife, a step-mother, a friend. The emotions I go through, what stories remind me of, and just sharing how the words in each book comes to life for me.

In my past reviews I only touched on how the book inspires me. But I’m noticing that just like friends, a book can affect your daily living and behavior. It affected my language toward my 6 year old and I caught myself, totally in shock that I did that.

As I carefully pick a new genre to read and review, do you have any suggestions of a writer you enjoy reading? Or maybe a book you absolutely love and I can find for free?

What do you do to get more reading squeezed into your day?

With five books currently on the list to get read, I’m finding myself in need of more time in a day to read! How do working people actually have time to read? Is this why I take so long to read books?

My coworker mentioned she can speed read. Maybe I need to take some speed reading lessons so I can accomplish more reading! If I recall, there’s an app for that! I believe I had an app at one point where the user can practice speed reading. It was like training your eyes to read quicker. I should look for it and start practicing!

In the meantime, I read during my lunch hour at work, while I’m eating. I also try to read at least an hour at night before bed. Last night we had company until pretty late so I was lucky to read for a half hour. Hopefully, I can get more reading in tonight to make up for it!

What do you do to get more reading squeezed into your day?

I should read a book

I’m sitting here waiting for the cable guy. You know, it’s one of those time frames from 3:30-8:30pm that he’ll show. In reality, it would be better for the tech to come when it’s daylight because I’m pretty sure our issue is outside our apartment. But, it’s hard to tell a tech to hurry his behind!

In the meantime, I should be cleaning house or reading a book. Instead, I’m finding myself just sitting here partially listening to my 5 year old play by himself.

Do you ever feel like you should be doing something productive but really don’t feel like moving at all?

There’s a lot I want to accomplish but none of the energy to do anything. Maybe some iced tea will help. Or maybe a nap would be better. All while waiting for the cable guy to come figure out what’s wrong with our internet that’s been spotty at best.

Bring your library card to public libraries

My 5 year old am I had books due at the public library, so we stopped at the library after school one day. We had all our books to return and walked into the library.

My son is looking at books while I’m scrambling looking for our library cards. Where are the cards? Hmmm…

Absolute panic! Then apologies to my son as I realize I put the cards in my purse, which I left at home.

Instead of getting angry, my son decides to make the best of this library trip and looks for books for me to read to him right in the library. We might not need to borrow the books if we read it right now!

We read books for a good hour or so, then decided we should go and accomplish a few other errands for the day.

I have AJ be moved the library cards to somewhere I won’t forget next time, ready file any last minute trip to the library. Maybe that next trip will be today!?

First kindergarten resource day to the library

Yesterday was my kindergarten son’s first resource day that his class visited the school library. I really don’t know how often they will be visiting the library since they rotate resource days for other activities as well, like the computer lab, physical education outside, etc.

For his first book he borrowed from the school library, he gets a Pokemon easy reader. It’s still a book higher than his reading level, but a topic he absolutely loves.

You mean the television show he’s been watching on Netflix also has books?! No way! Little does he realize, his older half-brother was a Pokemon fanatic when he was younger. Ten years apart and they speak the same Pokemon language, it’s crazy!

Anyway, my son isn’t new to going to a library or borrowing books. We often go to the public library and I helped him get his own library card. He’s so proud if it!

Which reminds me, his books for the public library are due on Tuesday. We need to return them all!

My son loves being read to and is learning to read himself. He’s learning that books take him to different places just like the cartoons he loves. He’s also learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction, which he enjoys as well, especially if it’s about dinosaurs.

I think he really is becoming a bookworm…