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Library resource day at kindergarten, again

Normally, I do not post more than once a day, don’t worry this one will be short, I promise!

Today my son came home from school with s book in his bag. This means they visited the library. Hmmm, why does he always borrow a Pokemon book? He loves so many things, but what is it about these Pokemon that he’s constantly bringing these books home?

I suppose if he’s doing the reading, then at least he’s reading. But when I have to read it to him because there’s too many words he doesn’t know? I think we need to discuss this a little further. Could we read this one this time and next time look for something different?

Why not something karate like My Grandma’s a Ninja? Or something about the sport he plays, soccer? What’s with these Pokemon?

Renewing your library books

During fall break, we were on a trip to Disneyland. Although we had a blast and got extremely exhausted from all the walking, my son still had nine books he had to renew the day after we got back.

This stressed me out mainly because I wanted him to avoid any overdue fees. Thankfully, the Hawaii State Library system has a phone app that allows us to renew books if we can. We were allowed to renew all but one book.

So guess what? We ended up back at the library anyway. Go figure. My son borrowed more Pokémon books. Really?!

First kindergarten resource day to the library

Yesterday was my kindergarten son’s first resource day that his class visited the school library. I really don’t know how often they will be visiting the library since they rotate resource days for other activities as well, like the computer lab, physical education outside, etc.

For his first book he borrowed from the school library, he gets a Pokemon easy reader. It’s still a book higher than his reading level, but a topic he absolutely loves.

You mean the television show he’s been watching on Netflix also has books?! No way! Little does he realize, his older half-brother was a Pokemon fanatic when he was younger. Ten years apart and they speak the same Pokemon language, it’s crazy!

Anyway, my son isn’t new to going to a library or borrowing books. We often go to the public library and I helped him get his own library card. He’s so proud if it!

Which reminds me, his books for the public library are due on Tuesday. We need to return them all!

My son loves being read to and is learning to read himself. He’s learning that books take him to different places just like the cartoons he loves. He’s also learning the difference between fiction and non-fiction, which he enjoys as well, especially if it’s about dinosaurs.

I think he really is becoming a bookworm…