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Young Mystery Series #1 The Missing Lunch

Children’s books are a genre many adults can love and enjoy due to its simplicity and ability to take you back to being young and carefree. Young Mystery Series Book #1 The Missing Lunch, by B.K. Maxwell, is a story that takes the reader through the process of elimination to solve the mystery of who is taking Dennis’ lunch.

Let’s start from the beginning, Dennis Mayfield is the best friend of mystery detective and 9 year old student, Kia Young. Kia and her brother Marcus work as a team to distract teachers and school officials as well as interrogate other students to find out who has been taking Dennis’ precious PB&J sandwiches. What makes this PB&J so special? It’s apparently the world’s best, made by his mother with a special jelly and the bread is toasted. It makes even my moth water when I think about it.

Typical 9 year old conversations and actions create fun interactions and an interesting mystery to solve as the prospective suspects get scratched off. I thought I knew the culprit before it was revealed at the end of the story, but at the same time, I had my doubts that I was right.

A very fun and engaging children’s book that any student about 2nd-5th grades can enjoy. Amazon suggests 4-12th grades, but with the new Common Core, I think 2nd graders can read and understand this book and enjoy it. The activities of the students are age appropriate and realistic as are the conversations between children. I would have enjoyed this story when I was young.

I recommend this book to children across the country as they could all probably relate to the young characters and the situation at hand. A pdf copy of this book was provided for an honest review by the author, whom I met via Twitter, @ITsBKMaxwell.