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I wish I was a book bum

There’s people who are always going to the beach, enjoying the long swims in salt water, bring home crazy amounts of sand in their hair, and baste in the hot sun while covered in sun screen (I hope). Often times, these people are called beach bums, right? Well, I want to have my nose in a book at all hours of the day and have nothing else to worry about, take my thoughts into a different dimension, and enjoy my time with the book’s characters. So, one might call me a “book bum”.

Lately, I haven’t been reading much. I come home tired and don’t even want to cook. It gets dark earlier now that summer’s ended. And I find myself much more exhausted much earlier than before. Could it be that I wasted all that time since 4am when I first woke up? How much could I actually accomplish if I actually got out of bed when my eyes opened in the morning?

Well, my goal to read a chapter a day has turned into “I’ll read tomorrow”. And the “I’ll read tomorrow” has turned into “I’ll read this weekend”. It is quite interesting that I’ve been putting off my reading when I am most at peace when I am reading. Why wouldn’t I want to read more?

Recently, I learned that in order to get more readers in your blog, a blogger should be consistent. The blog itself should have subheadings in bold. And other tidbits of suggestions I’ve read here and there recently. Does this mean I’ll be reading more so I can actually do more book reviews? I can only hope! But, I think I will also be sharing some suggestions on getting past the “I don’t like to read” or “reading makes me sleepy” phases of your life, if you find yourself there.

Are you a book bum? Or a bookworm (as I’ve named this blog)?