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The Kind-hearted Monster by Max Velhuijs

It’s been several weeks, maybe a month or so, since I read this very colorful book to my 6-year old son. He loved the main character, who happened to be a big, red monster. What little boy doesn’t love monster stories? Certainly, not mine!

As he studied the bright images on the pages, I read the story to him. It pleases my heart when I see the facial expressions he makes when he realizes what’s going on in a story, from surprise to happy to angry to excited. *The Kind-hearted Monster* is a book made up of two short stories.

In the first part, this kind-hearted monster frightens the people in the city. But, he talks to them and tells them that he’s not a mean monster. The city officials try to train him for battle, but he just doesn’t like it. Someone decides to build an electric plant that will use the monster’s fire as fuel for the power generated for the city at night. The people of the city are overjoyed!

Then in the second part of the book, a bunch of robbers tries to steal the monster. Now, how does a bunch of robbers steal a huge monster that appears bigger than a bus? They feed him bread laced with sleeping powder! 

This is a story I wouldn’t mind reading to my son over and over again. My child seemed to like the second part of the book with he robbers much more than the first. There’s just something interesting about robbers and their unconventional plans.

Fabulous choice of books for my ever amused son! I hope your kiddos love it, too!