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Reviewing IA: Initiate by John Darryl Winston

Occasionally I am requested to review a book via Twitter and I am so blessed to be asked to read a book! It’s my lifetime goal to be paid to read and review books, among other things. Thank you, John Darryl Winston for the opportunity!

Before starting this book, IA: Initiate, I did not read any summaries of what this story would be about and I had no clue what genre or any background about the book. Heading straight into reading, I was pleasantly surprised.

Little did I know that I would love the characters and the adventures they went through. The story starts off on the first day of school and the anxieties that go with it, along with some unexpected circumstances. The main character, 13-year old Naz, shares his protection over his younger sister as they approach various situations from going to school to helping out in the community.

Naz is resourceful and shows signs of supernatural abilities when helping the small business community in hopes to prevent people from switching to the big businesses as well as other parts of the story. This turns out to be a way for Naz to earn money and sometimes food for himself and his sister.

While going through emotional issues and discussing these with his psychologist, Naz and his sister have a long talk about their past. Soon Naz starts realizing that they both remember things from years ago but don’t know where those situations happened.

It’s amazing how the story left me hopeful and nervous, anxious and scared. So many emotions in one book and it leaves me eager to read the next in the series. There is a next, right, Mr Winston?

According to Winston’s website, there is an IA Series. Y’all should check it out: