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Stay! A Top Dog Story by Alex Latimer

The first time leaving your favorite pet with someone else can be a little nerve-racking as you worry about whether your trusted pet sitter understands the signs of your pet, who needs a belly rub or wants to play fetch. When this pet belongs to a child, it can cause much concern.

In Stay! A Top Dog Story by Alex Latimer, a little boy named Ben leaves his dog Buster with his Grampa to go on vacation with his Mum and Dad. Ben was confident Grampa didn’t know anything about Buster’s likes and dislikes or how to take care of him. His Dad suggested he write Grampa a note. Ben quickly got started to write Grampa a note with pictures and some words describing Buster’s likes and dislikes.


His notes are very descriptive and Ben thinks of so many tips for Grampa. While on their vacation, Ben still wrote more notes to send to Grampa for things Ben thought would be useful. The notes grew and grew and Ben kept thinking of more tips for taking care of Buster. When Ben and his parents returned from their vacation, Grampa gave Ben a note of his own, sharing what Grampa and Buster had been up to.

This colorful and exciting story shares how even children don’t stop thinking about their pet just because their on vacation. Even my own son worried about our dog when we went on trips. Often times we had to ask two different people to help watch our dog because she needed so much attention.

Reading this story to my 6 year old was adventurous and fun, he loves the pictures and the storyline. His favorite part is when Ben tells Grampa not to take Buster to the post office, then it shows Grampa doing exactly that and getting himself banned from the post office!

Any child with a pet or hopes of a pet would love this story. Written by Alex Latimer and published by Peachtree Publishers, this children’s book will be a sure favorite to young boys like mine!