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A Simple Prayer by Amy Clipston

An Amish love story featuring a woman, orphaned at a young age, and a Prodigal Son, who left home after some teenage mistakes, this is an easy reading book taking place in modern times. This is a book focused on how simple prayers can change people’s hearts, a practice that doesn’t happen only in books.

Recently, I’ve come to love Amish stories of the amazing community togetherness and avoidance of modern technologies. In daily commutes involving the slow pace of a horse-drawn carriage and the expectations to follow rules of the community, I find the Amish to be an interesting people.

A Simple Prayer by Amy Clipston starts off with a man, Aaron Ebersol, returning to his hometown Amish community after he ran away seventeen years earlier. Aaron was returning because his friend found him after his mother had a stroke and keeps asking for him. Aaron is unsure if he wants to face his family after he abruptly left them when he was only fifteen. He tried to write to his parents and send them money to replace the costs of the bishop’s barn he burned down all those years ago. But he never heard back from anyone so he thought they forgot about him.


Little does Aaron realize that he would encounter a family who wanted to learn about his Englisher adventures, except for his older brother, Solomon, and his wife Becky. After Aaron began working on his parents home in order to make it more convenient for his mother to get around, Becky began warming up to him.

Aaron also made friends with the woman, Linda, who helped at the bed & breakfast he stayed at nearby. It takes him a while to remember who Linda was, but soon they have very encouraging conversations that soon lead to their desire to talk more often. Linda shares with Aaron about how she and her parents were going home after church and was hit by a big truck that slid on the ice. Linda was thrown from their carriage and sustained some damage and scarring to her leg. While her parents had not survived this accident, Linda stayed with her aunt and uncle.

While Aaron tried to fix things with Solomon, Linda attempted to make things right with her uncle, who was quite mean to her especially after her aunt died. It seems these two were made for each other as they encourage each other through praises and suggestions on how to fix their respective family issues.

The idea of a child getting injured while on a carriage is familiar to me, as I read another Amish book, The Amish Clockmaker by Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner, where a similar incident happened. There is also a similarity where a young Amish man left the community, returning for another reason many years later.

A Simple Prayer by Amy Clipston is an easy to read book that is very difficult to put down. The Amish terms explained in the beginning are helpful to make understanding the conversations a little easier. This is a Zondervan Fiction book.