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Mama’s Right Here by Susan Kerner

When you have a mama’s boy like mine, it is difficult to pull away from your child. In all my attempts to grow his independence and do things on his own, he is like a rubber band, bouncing right back to my side. I do not see this as a bad thing because I treasure every moment with him, but sometimes, he needs to know it’s okay when he plays with his friends or hangs out with daddy.

At first I thought this book, Mama’s Right Here by Susan Kerner, would teach him about how I’m always with him, no matter where he is or what he’s doing. As I read the book to him, it made me feel like the story is about a mother who is no longer here or lives very far away. Each page was the child doing an activity where mommy isn’t around and the child is with another person, like dad, grandparent, sibling, etc.


It places a tear in my eye as I read the story because in this story the child’s mama isn’t around. The words make it seem like she’s missing out on the child growing up, on good night hugs and cuddles. The child can see mama in the wind and the stars and the snow, but mama isn’t physically there.

What a treasure as my aunt just went to heaven this morning after a major stroke, leaving my uncle and cousin. I’d like to share this story with him as soon as I can get my hands on a copy. Even as a grown adult, I think he could use the comfort of knowing she’s still here with him. 
Some children go through childhood without their mama around, whether it’s due to the decisions their parents made or because God simple needed mama in heaven already. Whatever the reasons for a child to not be with mama, this book can reassure that mama is there, every moment of every day.

Mama’s Right Here by Susan Kerner is published by Star Bright Books, priced at $6.99 from your local bookstore or